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An authoritative answer to the question: did the voentorg just close down?


An authoritative answer to the question: did the voentorg just close down?

Clarifications to the message about the suspension of the supply of militia
Alexander Zuckowski,, Oct 1 2014
In recent days, using free time, due to the departure of the Russian Federation (“showdown” with blocked my card Sberbank), I posted a few messages that caused not quite adequate reaction of many people, some of whom are our well-wishers.

We are talking about messages about participation in Russian/s and techniques in the war on Donbass and yesterday’s text about the suspension of our business for the supply of the militia. On the first question I answered, in my opinion, exhaustively (if someone is not convinced, then more to say on this topic do not see the point), will make some clarifications and on the second question.

Those who rushed to condemn us for what we “merge”, “resolve themselves”who accused us of “commercial approach” (supposedly activity has become “unprofitable” and we decided to “jump off”), apparently not quite understand the specifics of the organization of such activities. Not holding anyone evil, many people sincerely want to help and not knowing the situation, painfully react to any such information. I’ll try to explain.

First, we do not exclude themselves (in this case talking about myself and Oleg Melnikova). As the saying goes, “don’t wait”. In response to the question of one commentator – “or this is “not your business?”” – answer: not our business may not be what we gave all their strength for five months.

“There was no end, the struggle continues.” At the moment, not counting the “large purchases”, we continue to perform many of the tasks collection, equipment, transportation to the border and transportation to different parts of the front and volunteers; collection, transport and distribution of material aid (not what is purchased and what people collect on the ground); training of volunteers in DND and equipment “military equipment” borrowed unfortunately not, there is a lot of “get”); escort prisoners; armed escort of cargoes on the territory DND; intelligence activities in the area of our responsibility; preparation of units and buildings plan household (with the upcoming cold weather) and the military (in the case of a new attack, which cannot be excluded).

All this, of course, in full cooperation with the command of the brigade to which we belong. There are, in general, the usual routine military work, which makes sense in detail to say only as a comment to the groaning in the spirit of “all is lost, all merged”. Yes, difficulties and obstacles became too much, both financially and organizationally. But we do not run from them, and try to solve in cooperation with competent people on both sides of the border.

Secondly, with regard to the supply of militia and my statement about the latest fundraising. To be clear, I will list what are the main expenses: training and equipping volunteer groups in several regions of the Russian Federation and their transportation to the border (purchase of equipment, transport, a lot of related expenses); purchase large quantities of equipment and maintenance of means of adjustment for units DND (payment to people who are traveling, purchasing, loading/unloading freight, transportation, POL); fixed costs, resulting in poor working conditions of civil infrastructure in DND and in the Russian Federation.

For example, for air conditioning in Rostov hospital where treated with the militia of such and other costs we reported in the report), for the transportation in the Russian Federation and the treatment of sick or wounded militia or help us civilians; assistance to the families of fallen comrades and men other Separately can be said about the large costs of supporting the partisans in the occupied territories (to get and to send them the famous “gifts” given all the risks, is very expensive).

In addition, we have received orders from many friends militias and commanders – someone just ordered a pair of binoculars or a pair of shoes, and someone (who has really bad with supply) sends a list of several hundred thousand. It so happened that, against her will, we have gained a reputation as people who have “it all” or that “everyone can get”, and this creates certain expectations. And this despite the fact that official suppliers we are not and support “administrative resource” is not in use (support was when Strelkova, but there are virtually on their own).

As you know, all of the above requires a million rubles a month. Translations we get up to so very much, for which I heartily thank you. But to make especially large orders and do all the described scope of work the last two months were allowed for large donations (several million).

It is not surprising and unexpected in my post about the suspension of this work. I emphasize that we are talking, first, about the suspension, but not terminate, and secondly, on the supply (i.e. regular large supply). And said it was largely for those who expect from us material support within DND. The main complaint was that we “fold” in the conditions, when the war is not over, winter is coming, and assistance relevant to an even greater extent. Yes, of course relevant, and I in the previous text said.

Announced yesterday the latest fundraising last in the sense that given the decline assistance (this is an objective factor, which is marked by all who engaged in regular ads on targeted fundraising from mid-October will not be published. But we will welcome any help on the current needs of our business and working with volunteers. Permanent details will always be posted on the website If the aid will increase, we will resume activities in the same volume (including the supply of other departments), as will be further communicated with the relevant reports.

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