Friday, October 17, 2014

A third Maidan ready to burst in Kiev (experts)

A third Maidan ready to burst in Kiev (experts)

Friday, October 17, 2014 
The victory of the Euromaïdan has not met the expectations of Ukrainians and next spring the country could experience a third wave of revolt, say Ukrainian analysts polled by RIA Novosti.


For now, Kiev manages to deflect this social anger towards Russia but discontent vis-à-vis the government scolds Ukraine.

Thus, several hundred called the National Guard, who served 18 months instead of 12, gathered outside the presidential administration to demand demobilization. In another example, participants in a march of 8,000 protesters in honor of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) rioted in front of the Ukrainian parliament, the Rada, after members have refused to include in the Agenda Bill to recognize members of the UPA as "fighters for independence" of Ukraine.

"This opens the prospect of a third Maidan in Kiev, this time organized by the military," said political analyst Yulia Tishchenko. Whichever, it's a way to test the reaction of politicians, society and law enforcement.

"After the last Maidan, many hopes rested on politicians on the introduction of a new system. But no change is
product - or occurs very slowly. This can not satisfy our countrymen, "said Yulia Tishchenko, noting that the company still has no alternative to the current political class.

Igor Kharchenko, director of the Center for Social Development, believes that if the current political elite does not countered these challenges, it will be swept by others. "Kiev is aware and highly feared a third Maidan," said the expert.

"The authorities have up to six months to implement radical improvements. Otherwise, in the spring we will have to prepare for early parliamentary news and a new president," think M.Khartchenko, quoted by RIA Novosti Ukraine. According to his estimates, new political forces will come to power soon, which will be based "on ideology, not on faces."

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