Wednesday, September 24, 2014

[WARNING18 +] New Evidences of Kiev Junta Fascists War Crimes...

24th September 2014, Lugansk republic, state Novorossia
18 + New evidences of Kiev junta fascists war crimes

At 19th September fascists battalion "Aidar" run away from territory of Golf club, located at 10 km away to north-west from city Lugansk. Fascists from Aidar battalion made own base there, because Ukrainian fascists sure that they are owners of all private property in the East of Ukraine. Staff of Ukrainian mail report that Ukrainian fascists send to their relatives in western Ukraine tons of goods from "zone of ATO", even even pans and utensils. 

Fascists from battalion Aidar robbed this Golf club and also they used buildings of club as place for torture and rape of local civilians. 

Fighters from battalion of commander Leshiy found body of young woman on the shores of an artificial pond in territory of Golf club.

She was severely beaten, because half of her head was broken, also was broken her lower jaw. In her left foot absent thumb, her legs were wrapped by duct tape. Also fascists tied her feet by rope with stone and throw her to pond.

On her hands you can see ropes too, the Nazis certainly used her as a sex slave, and then killed. The Nazis broke off half of her head and face, in order to make her not recognizable for relatives without DNA.

Before retreating fascists tried to pull the body out of the water and bury it in a hole, in order to hide crime, but they didn't have time and threw the body on the shore.

How many victims of bullying, violence and torture has left behind a battalion Aidar on Golf club is unknown, probably dozens of people. Part of the bodies they thrown into reservoirs and wells, some part buried in pits or thrown in the forests for wild animals which could devour bodies.

The same war crimes commit "revolutionaries, rebels" backed by USA/ Israel in Libya and Syria since 2011, but the global media ignore these facts. 

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