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U.S. Maj. Gen. Allen shot near Donetsk but luckily survived his heavy wound.

US Military Integrates Ukraine Forces. Washington Dispatches Senior Military Advisors to Donbass

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by Victoria F. Lee
As Russia is hit with another set of harmful sanctions from the members of the European Union, Norway, Japan, Australia and North America for continually invading Ukraine, (what was the number of invasions, about 300 times?), Washington covertly supplies Ukraine with military advisors, beginning withMajor General Randy A. Kee. He is officially listed as the Director of Strategy and Policy for U.S. European Command, based in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Germany.
“The general has held a variety of staff assignments to include U.S. Transportation Command, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, and the Joint Staff in both Operations and Strategic Plans and Policy Directorates. He has also served as Vice Commander of Air Mobility Command’s Global Air Operations Center. Prior to his current assignment, he was the Deputy Director for Politico-Military Affairs (Western Hemisphere), Strategic Plans and Policy Directorate on the Joint Staff. General Kee is a command pilot and previously qualified navigator who has flown a variety of aircraft, with approximately 4,700 flight hours, including 700 in combat.”
How did this high caliber American official turn up in Novorossiya, fighting alongside the Kiev junta? President Obama dispatched a convoy of high-ranking men to train the Ukrainian Nazis to better massacre innocent civilians in Eastern Ukraine. Ten of them fell victims of their own tactics and died senselessly in a field near Donbass, killed by the uncompromising resistance combined forces, DNR and LNR.
Maj. Gen. Allen was shot but luckily survived his heavy wound. The shocking scandal was never disclosed by the Obama administration. No press coverage. Not a word. No one dares to share the damaging news about Americans fighting against separatists in large numbers!
The involvement of the U.S. a Major General is unthinkable, especially while blaming Putin for his direct engagement in the war in Ukraine.
Among the dead was Captain Mark Gregory Paslawsky, a graduate of the United States Military Academy. On August 19th, a fifty five, he was killed fighting the volunteer Donbas Battalion under the nom de guerre “Franko.” in the town of Ilovaysk, near the Ukrainian city of Donetsk. The Ukrainian Interior Ministry posted it on his Facebook page. I stumbled on this post with a smiling Paslawsky, blogged by the journalist and writer, Bryan MacDonald.
Bryan went further to inform us that Paslawsky was apparently a nephew of the notorious Nazi Mykola Lebed – who was employed by the CIA from 1949 to possibly as late as 1991. In the blog it was reported Captain Paslawsky was the only American fighting alongside the Ukrainian army. Seriously? So, how can you explain the death of ten other military men supplied by Washington? Shall I mention the many African-American nameless mercenaries, who were found dead near Lugansk? Did we pay the tab for their services with taxpayers’ money to send them to fight on Ukrainian soil?
According to DNR’s estimation and interviews with the fighters, over 200 Poles, a whole battalion of Georgian and Turks, a few French, Italian and Spanish mercenaries also fight on the side of the Kiev junta.
The opposition army of Donbas and Lugansk now consists a variety of foreign volunteers as well, besides the Russians. That includes people from Spain, Italy France, Serbia, Hungary Slovakia and even Israel, who came to fight against fascism and injustice. Watching the wild crowd marching with their arms stretched and wearing swastikas, does not sit well with good-hearted Israelis.
Who can forget the very first pogroms, which were first originated in Kiev? Why its Washington and their Western vassals support the Kiev radicals? They backed the devil to unleash a long anticipated war with Russia!
Ironically, the new, lawless President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko is Jewish! He paid Forbes millions of dollars to remove his name from its cover, where he was listed as one of the richest Jews in the world. His real name is Petr Valtzman; the family line originated in Odessa where his forbearers were wealthy merchants. Now he clutches the icon of Holy Mary, and got himself a rank in the priesthood. What a farce!
So are Poroshenko’s Prime Minister, Yatsenyuk and a former convict President, Yulia Timoshenko. What do they have in common? All are shamefully hiding their Jewish origins. Why such a paradox? Are the self-hating Jews ready to give up their faith for the sake of power? Ukraine’s Nazi slogan promotes a pure race! How does that fit with them? Will this revelation have legs?
Getting back to the Russian invasions: According to European Union observers invited to watch every activity on the Russian border by Putin, there was not a single crossing of Russian artillery or tanks. Where are the facts, pictures and videos? Kiev loves to videotape everything, including the vicious massacre in Odessa on May 2, 2014 in the Trade Unions Building.
Kiev was a crying wolf during a recent accident. Ten Russian paratroopers got lost in unmarked Ukrainian territory, which was a major story in the press, such as BBC and Washington Post. That was unintentional, while 700 hundred Ukrainian soldiers, in just one day, crossed the Russian border. They continue doing so, where they get medical treatment before returning to Ukraine. Why not write about it? They were never detained or beaten!
Mr. Putin has a trump card in his hands why not use it now?
It’s time to confront Obama with his double standards, and release the name of Maj. General Randy Kee before NATO puts their boots on Russian ground. McCain and the Clintons are smacking their lips. Does Congress know about U.S. army involvement and it’s covert CIA operation?
I can assure you, Mr. Putin has many admirers among regular Americans for his generosity towards refugees running away from hell. While Odessa turned them away, like poor, unwanted relatives at the door, he embraced them like family.
Neither the West nor Washington showed mercy to frightened children who witnessed death in their family and slept under ruins. Now they got shelter and a new lease on their lives.
Putin’s diplomacy keeps us from WWIII, but for how long?
It’s time to confront the devil – the sooner, the better!
Victoria F. Lee


Pentagon General Randy Allen Key Wounded In Ukraine???

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 13:18

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that “Kiev authorities are ready to immediately stop” fighting in the Donbass. According to available information, cause a sudden attack of peace in Washington in the deaths of several American military trainers and wounded Pentagon General Randy Allen Key (Kee Randy Alan) who commanded the Ukrainian punishers in the southeast.

On Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry , after a meeting with Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin made ​​a statement that the Kiev authorities are ready for a ceasefire in the Donbas “not in the future, and now” , based on “peace plan President Poroshenko” .
Note that the U.S. official is already making statements on behalf of the head of the “independent” Ukraine. Guys guys are palyatsya, yes. But it is, bar, for illusions about who is now actually taxis in Kiev, no longer exist.
What is important is that this call for a truce sounded very suddenly and goes against all previous U.S. policy.
Immediately note the version that the U.S. leadership horrified the horrors of the civil war in Ukraine and decided to fight for peace on humanitarian grounds of conscience and morality. It’s fantastic that you can only voice Jen Psak either already late John Ronald Reuel Tolkien .

A more realistic assumption that the Ukrainian army and natsgvardiya suffered lately heavy losses and just are not able to fight on without respite.Yes and fund military operations Kiev has nothing to what expressly stated Ukrainian Finance Minister Oleksandr Shlapak and former PrimeYatsenyuk . In this light, Washington and Kiev requested a truce could be a ploy to gain time to regroup and pull-up reserves.

But there is another version. According to reports, militia Novorossia destroyed several U.S. “military advisers” and wounded General Key Randy Allen , who actually commanded all the troops of the Kiev junta.

Recall, last week it became known that the Ukraine arrived 180 U.S. Army trainers representing the Rangers, airmobile forces and specialists to restore aviation. Many of them have recently been intensively studied Ukrainian language.

Arrived in Kiev July 23 American officers and NCOs assigned to the Fort Benning base in the states of Alabama and Georgia, and obey the command of the Force Special Operations Command and the training and development of the military doctrines of the U.S. Armed Forces, .

Most instructors have experience in training military personnel in Central and South America, which was held in the framework of the military-industrial and military cooperation.

Sending military advisers to Ukraine and reported in the American media. Thus, the newspaper “The Washington Times” July 22 wrote : “Since the Ukrainian army crumbles soon Ukraine will be sent to a group of American advisers who strategize suppression of pro-Putin separatists and determine what material investments and other assistance required for this suppression “ .

A direct leadership Ukrainian law enforcers Pentagon sent Maj. Gen. Randy Allen Key, Head of policy, strategy and partnership opportunities for European command of U.S. forces. July 21 he started to work, coordinating of 12 working groups, which are intended to “improve the security of Ukraine” . Under the leadership of the Pentagon’s general these working groups discussed including the fighting in the south-east.

However, upon arrival to Ukraine American “military experts” immediately began to suffer losses. So, in summary number 83 armed forces command Donbass reported the destruction of two U.S. advisers:
“July 24 in Mariupol partisans carried out a successful military campaign, during which the streets of the city were destroyed by two U.S. military advisers from among 180 officers of the U.S. Army instructors, days earlier arrivals to control punitive operation and training punitive” .

At Monday, July 28 Commander forces DNR Igor Gunmen told details about military engagement marinating, where among the security forces were killed Ukrainian blacks.
“ By marinating militias attack reflected the height of 198.3. During this battle destroyed four tanks, four armored personnel carriers. All of them were burned. Among those killed are people blacks. Militia commander is ready to provide for the filming of the corpses “ - told Shooters.

Another day later, it was reported new casualties among U.S. military and among the victims were the general himself Randy Allen Key.
Tuesday, July 29 at the social networks reported: “In the area of intelligence and Raisins subversive group (RDG) militia attacked a convoy of U.S. military trainers. Killed three U.S. officers and wounded General Key Randy Allen, who commands the punitive operation “.
And right after that John Kerry requested ceasefire.

U.S. leadership could ignore the deaths of their mercenaries from the private military companies (PMCs) such as “Greystone” and the like. Donbass such militias killed at least several dozen, if not hundreds. But the loss of mercenaries (even with American passports) Washington could not help noticing as “gray geese” formally act on their own risk and the state is not responsible for them.

But hush quietly death ordenonosnogo personnel officers from elite units of the U.S. Army no longer happens. These bodies have to drive home in coffins covered with the Stars and Stripes, and solemnly buried under fireworks and cameras. And if in a coffin, or even in the hospital would be a general at the Pentagon – it is quite a scandal for which Obama will have to justify in front of Congress and the public outcry.

In addition there is a very interesting information published HERE . The author, who has access to confidential sources, said that the other day a very senior GRU officer of the General Staff of Russia held a series of private conversations with colleagues from several Western countries.Expressed surprise at the claims to Russia from the United States, which for years arming and training around the world most of these terrorists, GRU officer came to the point.

The point was in two main theses:
1. On the intentions and capabilities of higher authorities officer;
2. On its own capabilities and intentions.
He told me that his boss has irrefutable evidence in the case of the Malaysian “Boeing” and will be forced to publish them, if the stream of slander from the White House about this tragedy does not stop immediately.

Note that information about Boeing , which previously outlined at the briefing Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Lt. Gen. Kartapolov very likely kept deliberately left a gap, which could not fail to draw attention to its Western counterparts.
And myself a senior GRU officer asked him to convey it, even without reference to the commander in chief, has the authority to send the aid of Donbass hundred compatriots highly professional and properly instructed volunteers. And the result of their trip will be that “all one hundred eighty”unlikely to survive for more than four weeks.

European interlocutors General Staff immediately understood what it was about and in their professional (and not so narrow) range started a lively discussion. Some, in particular, reminded of the tactics of the Viet Cong, oriented only certain groups of snipers shooting at officers.

As a result, the competent circles formed the view that aimed to base Fort Benning to Ukraine 180 elite U.S. Army trainers were held hostage, which at any moment can turn into the status of “victims.” 

In the capacity of his Russian interlocutor during the month an “all one hundred eighty ‘ home in coffins, no reason not to doubt. Europeans gave a warning to their U.S. counterparts, and as if by magic, Secretary Kerry begged the world.

July 30 in Mariupol while swimming in the sea was shot another one of 180 military advisers. sniper bullet caught up with American when he swam in the sea. After the shot, he immediately plunged into the water. Those on shore colleagues could not help him, because they themselves were trying to find shelter from the shelling, which on the beach was not a goal. When, finally, the American soldier dragged ashore, he was dead.
Thus, for a full week of 10 180 have already been destroyed.

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