Wednesday, September 3, 2014

See what War crimes Kiev Junta forces do in areas/roads of "humanitarian corridors". by Graham Phillips


3rd September 2014, 

Lugansk Republic, State of Novorossia

War crimes of Kiev junta, murder of refugees in road from Lugansk to village Novosvetlovka.

On September 2nd, Graham Phillips, journalist from UK recorded a video about truck with refugees, which was burned by Kiev junta punitive gang.
Kiev junta, as well as their masters from EU and USA lying about humanitarian corridors for refugees "from ATO zone".
Refugees who choose "humanitarian corridors" toward Ukraine told about humiliating searches and looting, sometimes murdering. Refugees that are trying to escape to Russia are shot by Kiev junta forces .  

In the video you can see what Kiev junta forces do in areas/roads of "humanitarian corridors".
This truck with refugees was on its way toward Russian border, it happened in the middle of August 2014. They ran from Lugansk, in the road between villages Khryashevatoye and Novosvetlovka their truck was stopped near Kiev junta checkpoint. This is indicated by the soldiers of the Lugansk Republic and it clear by the location of the truck wheels.Truck was stopped at the roadside.
What happened after we can guess only, soldiers of republic told that kiev forces used RPG on that truck so nobody on this truck had any chance to survive. 

I want to draw your attention to the position of two bodies, one of the bodies you see on the picture to post.

The child's body lying on her back, arms bent at the elbows near the head. This is an unnatural position for the body that burned. It is natural for a violent death before the fire, as most of the refugees were girls, she may have been raped, and then killed and burned.

In same position located hands of female corpse, which you see on the 1.01 of video. Also possible that the woman died from violence, and not from fire or fragments of mines.

There were 9 of 10 refugees in the truck, according to documents which were found in the number of refugees in the truck were two little girls and a young couple (husband and wife). Husband from Russia, wife from the city Lugansk, she studied journalism in Lugansk. Together they tried to take their and another children to the Russia 

Became known the names of part of the victims:

Kupriyanov Xenia (mother)
Andrei Lysenko 1976 year (father)
Konzeva Yaroslava (daughter) 2012
Lysenko Yaroslava (daughter) 2008
other refugees:
Polishchuk Valentina
Vedmedenko Oksana
Sbitneva Tatiana ....

As you can see, the majority of refugees in the truck were girls, they could become victims of violence, and then they were looted and burned.
Similar behavior as mercenaries of United States did in Libya, Syria, Iraq ...
Now it has come to Ukraine, the bodies of their victims Ukrainian fascists left at the scene of crime.
Now Ukrainian fascists were expelled from the area, after the investigative actions, the bodies will be buried.


Graham Phillips

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