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Report from volunteer Zhuchkovskogo about spending and procurement for the national militia of New Russia.

Report from volunteer Zhuchkovskogo about spending and procurement for the national militia of New Russia.

Summaries of the militia of New Russia
Novorossia BE!

9.1.14. Report from volunteer Zhuchkovskogo about spending and procurement for the national militia of New Russia.

Presenting your attention the next statement of expenditure and procurement for the national militia DNR, LC and the temporarily occupied territories of New Russia. We remind you that the purchase of equipment and special equipment are carried out once every two weeks, as the formation of orders and delivery of goods at the border. All reports are available in the three months to the newly created our friends site .
It is believed that our success is due to not supporting such citizens militia, and financing of the FSB, the GRU or similar foreign organizations. This view is erroneous, in fact we have financed the Russian people, for which he kowtow soldiers from New Russia.
Over the past two weeks we have financed the Russian people (volunteers) in the amount of 7 million. 160 thousand. Rubles. Recall that the residue (from past purchases) amounted to 4 million. 550 thousand rubles (was planned purchase of armored personnel carriers, but he came to us just the other day). These funds were directed to:
- BTR-80 with "accessories" - 3000 000.
- "Field" armored (car together with the party suhpaykov, generators and radios assigned Luhansk signalman "Kiba" - ) - 175 000.
- Body armor 10 pcs. - 140000.
- Horns for AK 100 pcs. - 80,000.
- Handles (3 pcs.) And muzzle compensator (2 pcs.) To AK - 7500.
- Pina for AK 50 pcs. - 20,000.
- Satellite Phones 10 pcs. with payment due (for unit commanders, five pieces. in DNR and LC) - 590 000.
- Batteries to charge phones 92 pcs. - 187 000.
- Phones-tion 6 pcs. - 22,000.
- Binoculars 15 pcs. - 27 500.
- Printing maps and DNR LC 400 pcs. - 63 000.
- Suhpayki (500 packages) and backup power (500 pkg.) - 250 000.
- First aid kits (sewing bags and medicines) 40 pcs. - 120 000.
- Knee pads (400 pcs.) And elbow (100 pcs.). - 185 000.
- Tactical gloves 20 pcs. - 16 000.
- Sleeping pad (foam) 100 pcs. - 27,000.
- Backpacks 5 pcs. - 13 000.
- Camouflage suit 6 pcs. - 15 000.
- Camo Net - 3000.
- Cape 5 pcs. - 1000.
- Pouches 10 pieces. - 5200.
- Knapsack 70 pcs. - 15 000.
- Bandanas and masks (10 pcs.) - 2000.
- Crocs 600 pairs - 30 000.
- Gloves 50 units. - 1000.
- Socks (150 pairs) and army pants (100 pairs) - 13700.
- Wipes 200 packs - 10,000.
- Air conditioning for a military hospital in Rostov (which are treated militia) - 11000.
- Help our friends in St. Petersburg, which provide training, equipment and transportation of volunteers - 200 000.
- The content of volunteers in the camp in the Rostov region. (Where they lived before being sent to the front as a complete set of groups) - 100 000.
- Bags detachment of volunteers assembled by our colleagues through the site (their report: ) - 100 000.
- The operating expenses of subversive groups in the DNI and guerrilla groups in the Occupied Territories: serious arguments for discussions with Ukrainian separatists (in one of the photos) - 000 3500, cash in the amount of 180 thousand. Hryvnia - 500 000, and 20 th. $ - 750 000 Arguments and the money will be issued to groups of several parties within a month.
- Transportation of people and goods - 130000.
- Expenses of our group for fuel, food, mob. communication and so on. - about 100,000.
Total: 10 million. 410 thousand. Rubles.
Balance: 1 million. 300 ths. Rub.
Thank you for the support of all concerned people in Russia and abroad, as well as information resources that are placed on the pages of our contact details, contacts and reports - first page and poster .
Special thanks to Dmitry Brymbalovu (translated 400 thousand. Rubles.), Mikhail from Moscow (transferred 100 thousand. Paid and one of the vehicles to the border), Georgy Pobedonostsev of the United States (passed 25 thousand. $), From Moscow Eugene (translated 145 thousand. ) Sergey Kulikov from Kazakhstan (translated 1800 $) and anonymous donor from St. Petersburg (passed 3 million. rub.) and Olga from Australia, Marina from St Petersburg, Yuri Zaleski from Moscow and many other people (some we thanked in previous reports ) that support us on a regular basis.
At the moment we are working on the formation of the next batch of goods, which, with luck, will be available by mid-September. Orders are formed based on the needs of our units in the Snow and wishes warlords and commanders DNR. In view of the upcoming cold weather is required to purchase warm clothes, mattresses, new shoes and equipment. Also planned to purchase / collecting drone and a large party of communication.
In addition to fundraising and procurement, we continue to coordinate volunteers, and receive financial aid in the Moscow and St. Petersburg (shape, shoes, unloading, vests, helmets, etc..).
In St. Petersburg, the volunteers can take a short course of military training, receive equipment and transport to go to the New Russia. Similar course walking and Kaluga. To obtain the necessary contacts, write to the post .
More information about the activities and plans of our militia groups, please click here: ...
Our details:
Map of the Savings Bank: 4276 5500 3068 4065.
Webmoney R576729266146.
From abroad, the transfer can be done through Western Union - for this you need to write to the above address to get name of the recipient.

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