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Where is the humanity of the Western people? We see it nowhere.

First trucks with Russian aid reach Lugansk, E. Ukraine


First trucks with Russian aid reach Lugansk, E. Ukraine

… from Russia Today,  Moscow

No Western country has demanded Kiev stopping using indiscriminate rocket and artillery fire.
No Western country has demanded Kiev stopping using indiscriminate rocket and artillery fire.
[ Editors Note:  The ongoing crime here is that Kiev has thrown every roadblock it could in front of this Red Cross and Russian supplied aid convoy.
The goal has been to deny the Russians the higher moral diplomatic victory and the deflection that will be for the never ending attempts for Kiev to frame Russia as the aggressor.
This was all done with a corresponding total stand down by the US and EU to intercede to make Kiev stop the general shelling which has killed all of the civilians and destroyed the infrastructure of the region.
So the West is in total denial of the principles for which it claims as the basis of their foreign policy, freedom, democracy, stability, and the right to live ones life in peace and security. They have become the War of Terror...literally.
Sadly, while we do see some growing resistance to Western aggression toward Russia with East Ukraine as the sacrificial lamb, that is based primarily on the economic boomerang of the sanctions on Russia. I have not heard a single "concerned" European politician object to what the West has done on moral grounds. There is nothing but a black hole on the moral discussion.
Where is the humanity of the Western people? We see it nowhere.
Where is the humanity of the Western people? We see it nowhere.
What we are seeing here is the death of any Western claim to any morality at all. It is a self-immolation under sedation as they seem totally numb to it despite the death and destruction they have caused all around them. 
I have been editorializing on this consistently. A fish stinks from the head, and the failure of Western leadership, with few exceptions, has been the biggest contributor to the group failure.
But the Western people cannot escape blame for the decline because they have failed to put real leaders into power. So they deserve to get what they have voted for and are not innocent victims… like those targeted by their criminal and terrorist foreign policies.
Will they wake up one morning and smell the carnage? I worry as we are really getting late in the game on this thing. And despite the lock on corporate media that the thugs have, access to alternative media is universal now so no one can claim they were not able to find out what was really going on.
Nothing will really change until we have a major leadership change, and that looks like it will require a major change in the people themselves, like waking up out of their coma to understand the disaster the end result of the current path will be. Take a look at Syria…and who caused it. That is a big clue… Jim W. Dean ]

This is what the  West has done to the East Ukraine people
This is what the West has done to the East Ukraine people

First published …  August 22, 2014  -

Finally some trucks are getting through
Finally some trucks are getting through
The first Russian trucks carrying humanitarian aid have reportedly reached the east Ukrainian city of Lugansk. Moscow ordered the convoy to proceed, without waiting for further permission from Kiev.
The first trucks in the Russian humanitarian convoy have arrived  in Lugansk, leaders of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of  Lugansk confirmed to RIA Novosti.
Earlier, the LifeNews TV channel and Interfax agency also  reported that several Russian vehicles carrying aid to the  conflict zone made it to their final destination.
On Friday morning, several dozen Russian trucks crossed the  Ukrainian border and started moving towards Lugansk, after Moscow  ordered the convoy to proceed, without waiting for further  permission from Kiev. By 10:30 GMT on Friday, 145 vehicles from the 280-truck Russian  aid convoy had crossed into Ukraine, reported RIA Novosti, citing  the Ukrainian border guard service.
Moscow has accused Kiev of deliberately holding up the delivery  of Russian humanitarian aid to the Donetsk and Lugansk regions in  eastern Ukraine, according to the statement by the Russian  Foreign Ministry.
“Our convoy with humanitarian aid is starting to move in the  direction of Lugansk,” the Foreign Ministry’s statement  reads. “We are of course ready for it to be accompanied by  Red Cross representatives and for their participation in the  aid’s distribution.”
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is not  escorting the convoy.
That’s because of the problems with security,” Galina  Balzamova of the ICRC told RT. “Lugansk was shelled all night  long. We believe we did not get sufficient guarantees of safety  from all the parties to the conflict to start escorting the  convoy.”
The head of the Russian Red Cross, Raisa Lukutsova, has said the  organization supported the decision to get the humanitarian  convoy moving.
“The fact that the humanitarian mission has started – this  has probably been the right decision,” Lukutsova said.   “For how long do we have to put up with this mockery? They  put forward one demand after another. All of them  unrealistic.”
She added the Russian Red Cross is ready to escort the  humanitarian convoy and has appealed to the ICRC for permission  to do so. ICRC, meanwhile, confirms that people in areas affected by the  ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine are in “urgent need for  essentials like food and medical supplies.”
The crisis is particularly acute in Lugansk, where people have  gone for weeks without water and electricity and have to queue  every day for whatever scarce food supplies are brought to the  city. RT’s Maria Finoshina has spoken to Lugansk residents, who fear  hunger is the reality they are about to face.
Ukraine’s intelligence (SBU) chief, Valentyn Nalivaychenko, has  described the convoy crossing the Russian border as a “direct  invasion.”
“We call it a direct invasion,” Nalivaichenko told  journalists. “Under the cynical cover of the Red Cross these  are military vehicles with documents to cover them up.”
Kiev’s stance was echoed by the EU, who labeled Moscow’s decision  to order the convoy to go ahead without Kiev’s consent “a clear  violation of the Ukrainian border.”
This also goes counter to the previous arrangements reached  between Ukraine, Russia and the ICRC. We urge Russia to reverse  its decision,” said Sebastien Brabant, spokesman for the  EU’s foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, as cited by Reuters. The Ukrainian Border Service has said that by ordering the convoy  to proceed Moscow has “ignored the agreements reached on  registering the humanitarian load.”
The trucks started moving through Ukraine, after a group of  Ukrainian border customs’ officers had been blocked at the  Russian check-point ‘Donetsk’,” a statement by the Ukrainian  Border Service reads.
The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has accused Moscow of   “smuggling humanitarian aid to Ukraine” and said it had  to allow the convoy to pass.
To avoid provocations we have given all the necessary orders  to let the convoy pass safely,” the ministry’s statement  says. The Russian Foreign Ministry said the “excuses” for  delaying the aid from entering Ukraine have been   “exhausted”.
Ukraine agreed to let the convoy pass during an August 20 phone  call between the Russian and Ukrainian foreign ministers. That  gave a start to customs procedures for checking and registering  the contents of the trucks comprising the convoy. The next day the process was stopped by Ukraine, citing  intensified shelling of Lugansk.
In other words Ukrainian authorities are bombing the place  of the aid’s point of destination and cite this as a reason for  banning delivery of the aid,” the Russian Foreign Ministry  said in a statement.
A convoy of 280 Kamaz trucks carrying food, medicines and other  essentials for Lugansk and Donetsk in eastern Ukraine left the  Moscow region on August 12. It has been stuck at the border with Ukraine for more than a  week.
“There’s a feeling that the current Ukrainian authorities  have been consciously putting the humanitarian aid delivery on  hold to arrive at a situation where there’ll be just no one left  to get it,” the Ministry’s statement reads.
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