Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ban Ki-moon must quit over Ukraine

Ban must quit over Ukraine crisis: Rodney Martin
Sat Aug 23, 2014 1:43PM GMT

Interview with Rodney Martin
Press TV has conducted an interview with Rodney Martin, a former US Congressional staffer, from Los Angeles, to discuss the situation in Ukraine.
What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.
Press TV: Why is it that based on what the Russian ambassador says, the West is more concerned about the convoy than the humanitarian crisis itself going on in eastern parts of Ukraine, a convoy that has been checked and had the official permission to pass?
Martin: The West hypocrisy when it comes to humanitarian crisis is never surprising.
Ban Ki-moon should resign in two occasions when it comes to genocide and ethnic cleansing and humanitarian crisis in Gaza and eastern Ukraine. He comes down on the side of the perpetrators.
What has gone missing here is the government of Ukraine, which still claims jurisdiction and sovereignty in eastern Ukraine, has made no efforts to assist the civilian population. I’m quite sure that the government in Kiev could send a humanitarian convoy under a flag of truce with humanitarian supplies and there would be no problem. Have they done that? No.
They have engaged in essential war crimes, bombing civilian targets and civilian populations just like the Israelis have done in Gaza. What has happened?
The West has come down on the side of those engaging in horrific crimes, and the UN under Ban Ki-moon have come down and basically sanctioned it. Ban Ki-moon needs to resign and get out of office. He’s basically providing sanction for war crimes and genocide. The West, they’re just hypocritical as usual.
Press TV: Of course, there are several dimensions to this crisis, but how can this situation all-in-all be resolved? Is there any hope for a political solution or are we going to witness an all-out war?
Martin: This is a civil war, let’s understand. This is a civil war in Ukraine.
Let’s understand that the United States and especially the West have no sense of history.
Ukraine’s borders were drawn by Lenin and the old Soviet Union. Russia does have historical claims to protect ethnic Russians that were caught on the wrong side of an artificial border at the collapse of the Soviet Union. Russia is basically protecting their geo-political interests against Western intrusion, and they’re protecting their ethno-interests, you know, from Ukrainian military bombardment.
There’s no evidence that there’s military supplies in these convoys, so this is basically the West just ginning up anti-Russian nonsense.
Press TV: How much of an impact will this crisis have on the European Union?
Martin: The European Union, you know, you have the jackals that are carrying the water of the United States and the European Union, but then you have the business community, particularly in Germany, that are getting tired in terms of economics.
These sanctions are hurting German business. There are reports out that the sanctions against Russia really hurt German business. So there’s a lot of chatter behind closed doors particularly in the German business community asking European politicians to stop this nonsense.
Ultimately, the political aspect, the political resolution is going to be between Ukraine and Russia. That’s ultimately where this is going to be decided.
Hopefully there’ll be no all-out war. If there is an all-out war, the vassal state that is in power in Kiev is going to come out on the short end of the stick.

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