Monday, August 18, 2014

Another War Crime of Kiev Junta Lie | EXPOSED |

 Another War Crime of Kiev Junta Lie | EXPOSED |

Another war crime of Kiev junta which was unknown before.
Truck with humanitarian aid was captured by Ukrainian fascists and freed few days later by Novorossia unit, it happened in July 2014. Video 18+

This video was shared yesterday as video about one of truck with new Russian humanitarian aid which allegedly crossed border and was captured by Ukrainian fascists. Video really was recorded at July 2014, correct date is unknown. Here unit of Novorossia force Ukrainian fascists run from some truck base and find truck with humanitarian aid. This truck with Novorossia fighter in his car came to fascists trap. Fascists of Kiev junta brutally killed truck driver, looks like they skinned him alive, his head and back, this is what catches the eye. It seems that after some parts of him they spilled by chemical solution. Corpse looks like a partially charred, but this isn't a fire, rather a chemical compound. Guard of the cargo fascists shot at point blank range, apparently driver and guard were lured into a trap. Fascists left the corpses right at the gates of their base, the bodies lay there at least a few days. This is reminiscent of the crime of Al-Qaeda thugs in Libya and Syria, Al-Qaeda and the Ukrainian fascists were taught by the same instructions.

This truck isn't from new Russian humanitarian convoy, because you can see emblem of public organization "Русская община" - Russian community in English.
Fascists begin to use this humanitarian aid, for sure they didn't going to do it for local people.


This video is one of many evidences about war crimes of Kiev junta gangs. Chaos and war in Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Iraq and other countries launched by USA&Israel puppets are parts of same plan. It is WW3 in fact, group of superrich people, aka Bieldeberg club killing part Humankind by regional wars.

Photos are shots from first video, in the first photo emblem of NGO which sent this truck with humanitarian aid. In the second one body of driver, in third body of guard from Novorossia in his car.

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